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Nicholas is currently offering private, 1:1 "in the field" and small group workshops and photo tours in the San Francisco bay area and beyond. These classes are designed for everyone from beginner to advanced. Whether you are just visiting, need a guide, or truly need instruction, he's  your guy. Think of him as a personal trainer, but instead of helping you get in shape, he is there to help you in every aspect of photography to take your skills and portfolio to the next level. He has over 10 yrs of shooting in the bay area and will put you in the best places at the best times, including hard to reach locations.

Here are some of the classes and destinations offered:

-Basic digital photography 

-Mastering Manual mode 

-Mt.Tamalpais fog waves workshop (best at sunset June-Aug)

-San Francisco photo tour (full day)

-Coastal Seascapes (sunset or full day)

-Golden Gate (sunrise or sunset)

-Bay Bridge (sunrise or sunset)

-Pt.Reyes photo tour (sunset or full day)

-Night and long exposure photography 

-Custom workshops based on your goals 

Recommended Gear:

-DSLR or camera capable of manual mode recommended. All cameras welcomed!

-Lenses 14-24mm range for seascapes and 24-70 and 70-200 mm range for everything else.

- Sturdy Tripod

-Remote shutter release

-Neutral Density filters (ND's) 6 or 10 stop recommended and 3 stop helpful.

-Extra charged battery

-memory card

-Microfiber cloth and wipes

-Shoes with good grip

-Dress in layers based on weather and bring quick drying material and small towel for seascapes.


-Private (half day) sunset or sunrise sessions are $350  3-4 hrs. (add $150 per person up to 4)

-Private (full day) sessions are $600 6-8 hrs.  (add $250 per person up to 4)

-$75 per hour for extensions on workshops



-Skill level/Goals (all levels welcome)

-What places or sessions you are interested in?

-How many people?

-Are you local or traveling?

-Do you have transportation?

-Any physical limitations?


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